Aley Ride
30 Jul 2017

Aley Ride, Lebanon Bike Green, sponsored by the Mayor of Aley Mr. Wajdi Murad, participated in the event, which was attended by more than 220 cyclists with three tracks 5, 10 and 22 kilometers. "Today is a festival for Bike Lebanon. The coordinator was Sheikh Raja Abu Zaki. Athletes from all over Lebanon, both men and women, and a team from the Lebanese army, the Internal Security Forces, the clubs, And the civil associations that care about sports, and our people in Aley and all of Lebanon, which is a very beautiful project, and participants started from the tourist street in the city of Aley. "

He stressed that "this activity is not competitive, it is a day of environmental tourism and sports, considering that" Aley is not only a city of culture and tourism, but also an environmental city. "

The coordinator of the activity, Sheikh Raja Abu Zaki stressed on "raising awareness of the importance of sport and non-smoking, and being away from harmful things and the establishment of love and diversity and the convergence of people." He pointed out that "this activity was popular in all areas, and adopted by the municipality as an annual activity."

A ceremony was held in the Kettaneh area, where medals were distributed to the participants and a luncheon was held.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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