A preparatory meeting for the 2018 Blom Bank Beirut Marathon
08 Oct 2018
A preparatory meeting was held to coordinate, organize and present activities related to the 2018 Blom Bank Beirut Marathon, organized by the Association on Sunday 11 November under the theme "We fill the heart of Beirut", in cooperation with the Municipality of Aley. President of the Association of Beirut Meeratoun "May EL Khalil and the Administrative Authority", His Excellency Mr. Akram Shuhayeb with his family, members of the Municipal Council of Aley, High Internal Undersecretary of the Socialist Progressive Party  Yousef Shmeit, school principals, and a crowd of attendees.
After the national anthem, and the word of media advisor to Beirut Marathon, Hussam Mohiuddin, Minister Akram Shehayeb gave his speech, which he started by talking about "the will", saying: "When I speak of will take me to two models. First model: Mrs. May Khalil, who went through a suspicious incident, And her will was able to overcome this stage, which lasted two years of the disease, and actively exceeded the borders of the nation to reach the world.
The following model, my daughter Lama: Lama was with a health problem and far from sport, and through her determination, and will she was able to overcome this stage and of course thanks to her husband and the sports team accompanying her.
"Sport is a morality, a gift, a humaness and a life, all these basic qualities, if the society succeeds, especially that running is satisfying a mathematical desire without interfering violently with the other as is the case with other competitive sports.
This was followed by the speech of the Municipality of Aley by Mr. Nabil Ghorayeb on behalf of the Mayor, Mr. Wajdy Mrad by saying: We are striving to support all cultural, social and sports activities. This is assimilated by more than 30 associations and 12 sports clubs in Aley. Beirut Matroun Association has a  message to develop the sports spirit among the youth and keep them away from the atmosphere of harm, and the Beirut Marathon Association not only promotes sportsmanship, but also supports civil peace between diverse Lebanese groups.
"Every time I come to the city of Aley, I am honored by the nostalgia and childhood memories that remain for all of us, the most beautiful stage," she said in her speech. "It is important is our return to our land, our homeland, our people and our city, where we see our identity, our dignity and our pride.
This event is organized by the Beirut Marathon Association and is meant to tell our people in Aley and the neighborhood that you are always present with us in our activities in the Beirut Marathon Association and in all activities and events. I invite you in my name and in the name of the daughter of Aley, "Lama Akram Shehayeb," responsible for organizing Beirut Marathon in the city of Aley, we invite you all to participate in the large Beirut Marathon.
The meeting included a screening of documentary films, excerpts from the Asian marathon tournament, celebrities and figures about the race.
After that, "Al Khalil" invited the official figures to participate in the mobilization of a
anthropomorphic of the heart of Beirut in colored sand and then took the commemorative photo.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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