Workshop on Maps and Risks Resources at Aley Municipal Cultural Center
30 Nov 2018

Under the title modernization of Maps and Risks Resources, MMR, Social Stability Mechanism and Resilience MSR .

A workshop on modernization of maps and risks resources within the Lebanese Community Support Project (LHSP) carried out in cooperation between the Ministry of Social Affairs, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the municipality of Aley was held in the presence of representatives from the educational, social, environmental, health, economic and infrastructure sectors.

The workshop began with the Lebanese national anthem. Dr. Mona Akl, member of the municipal council of Aley, explained the objectives of the workshop and the process of updating the needs. We appreciated the participants' response to this invitation.

The representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the representatives of the United Nations Program then presented information on the sectors and an overview of the data provided to them by the municipality.
The workshop included the formation of environmental, educational, economic, social, health and infrastructure groups, which eventually resulted in identifying the priorities that the city needs in all sectors to present to donors.
The activity included several interventions to discuss development projects and services and to present ways to achieve them.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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