Al Fanous restaurant shines under the patronage of the mayor of Aley and in the presence of the Literary Rima Najm
14 Oct 2017

Under the patronage of the Mayor of Aley, Mr. Wajdi Murad and the Permanent Cultural Dialogue Authority, represented by the Coordinator of Beirut Division, the Literary, Hanan Rahimi, and the Beirut Cultural Forum, Aley City embraced a poetry evening in Al Fanous restaurant. And the guests of the evening are : Dr. Rima Najm, a name with its luster in the humanization of speech and dialogue to be a container and fragrant culture in the lines and walls of precious papers.

The great poet Talih Hamdan Lebanon who can not forget the humanization of the situation and his precious words which is not worth millions of dollars because you he is the lover of Lebanon and a poet of all generations, Professor Talih Hamdan.

The Lebanese poet Mahdi Mansour, the artist Tarik Assaf, who plays and sings on Al Rababa and brings us back to the heritage of glory Lebanon, the dean of Lebanese poetry, General Elias Bou Khalil, who enjoyed the audience with poems and the most beautiful of all the meanings and Dr. Miki a magician who we have known for years.

Lara Ghawi, all of whom have stressed their love between all members of the same society, and honored Mr. Wajdi Murad by the organizers of the invitation because he deserves all the recognition and gave all the progress over the years. And he welcomed in his role all the attendees in Aley and showed his joy to participate and support all the activity of cultural and artistic events. Also  Dr. Mickey was honored on his tender. It is a night of poetry in Al Fanous restaurant to his beloved Naser Eldine, who welcomed all the attendees and was a successful night as all the nights in the city of Aley. Thank you for the poetry that lit the Fanous restaurant in a wonderful night.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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