Seminar about "Internet Risk Protection Mechanism and Electronic Games"
05 Jun 2019

Under the patronage of Municipality of Aley and in the presence of the Mayor of Aley, Mr. Wajdi Murad, represented by Dr. Mona Akl, the Dorcas Tabitha Association organized, in cooperation with the Druze Women's Association, a seminar entitled "Internet Risk Protection Mechanism and Electronic Games" at the Aley Municipal Cultural Center on Friday, June 5 2019 at 5:30 pm. It was attended by a number of specialists and interested in children's issues, social institutions and associations.
Attended by an expert social health expert in the field of child protection and juvenile justice, former director of the Office of Juvenile Protection in Mount Lebanon, Ms. Rola Lebbos.
The seminar aimed to promote social awareness by providing the necessary protection for children, raising awareness and educating them about the dangers of the web.
Mrs Lebbos called for the need for strict censorship of children through their use of tablets and electronic games, and to control this use, as well as the use of technical protection available in some devices and in some websites, warning of the dangers of digital addiction to young people, and propose remedies to reduce the risks currently faced by families and communities.
At last, the responsible of the Dorcas Tabitha Association Ms. Rosie Sharfan, invited the audience to attend a cocktail.

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Wajdi Mrad

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