The launch of "Aley in the Heart" race organized by the Beirut Marathon Association.
18 Jul 2022

The Municipality of Aley announces the launch of  "Aley in the Heart" race organized by the Beirut Marathon Association.
The Beirut Marathon Association launched the administrative and logistical preparations to organize the “Aley in the Heart” race, in cooperation with Aley Municipality, on Saturday, August 20, next month, starting at six in the evening in the Symposium - Ras al-Jabal area, at a distance of 5 km.
A preparatory meeting was held for this purpose, attended by the association’s president, May Al-Khalil, the member of the administrative board, Ilham Humaidan Al-Fakih, Nabil Al-Ghorayeb and Wissam Al-Danaf from the Municipality of Aley, Rami Radwan and Kamil Al-Rayes, who are activists in  Aley, in addition to the coordinator of the Beirut Marathon Association in Aley region, Lama Chehayeb.  Al-Khalil explained "This race falls within the framework of the regional activities that the association used to spreading the culture of running during the past years, as well as emphasizing the association’s commitment to carry the message of sport with all its lofty goals, and to raise the profile of running in all Lebanese regions, and to increase hostility and peace runners for achievements that emulate ambitions."
After that, the meeting discussed the administrative and logistical details related to the race, in which the free registration process for participation was launched through the link: https://ihjoz.com/events/6611 , provided that the registration process will continue until August 1, 2022.
Also, it was decided to adopt an artistic and musical program after the end of the race to crown the winners which creates an atmosphere of joy for the people in the region and those coming to Aley city, the bride of summer resorts.

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