Graduation ceremony for 80 female students from the MOTG Digital Academy at Aley Municipal Cultural Center
16 Dec 2023

Under the sponsorship of Aley Municipality and in the presence of the Mayor, Mr. Wajdi Mrad, a graduation ceremony was held for 80 female students from the MOTG Digital Academy in Aley Municipal Cultural Center. The students were honored for their great efforts and amazing achievements on Saturday, December 16, 2023.
The project manager, Ms. Soha Al-Timani, provided a detailed explanation about the project, and expressed her thanks to the funding association and the Municipality for their support. Ms. Maria Kozini, Head of Operations at Movement on the Ground, extended her wishes to the students for lasting success and thanked the Municipality for its support of the project. The Mayor of Aley also touched on the Municipality's great interest in educational matters, and expressed his pride in the young female graduates, wishing them a bright future. He also noted the great role of Dr. Mona Akl, who support youth by establishing the Development Office and providing them with the necessary support.
In her turn, she gave a detailed explanation about this office, which was established in the cultural center with the aim of developing the capabilities and skills of the youth.
This ceremony reflects the dedication and perseverance of the female students in the MOTG Digital Academy, and shows the role of funding and Municipal associations in supporting educational development in Aley Municipality. We hope that the young people who have graduated will achieve a bright future and benefit from the facilities of the Cultural Center and the Development Office to realize their ambitions and develop their skills.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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