GREEN YOUR SCREEN Photography Awards
23 Aug 2019

In the presence of the representative of the Ministry of Tourism, Head of the Youth and Local Authorities Department Ms. Petra Obeid,  Interior Undersecretary Mr. Youssef Daibes Representing the head of the Democratic Gathering MP Teymour Jumblatt, Colonel Joseph Najem Representing the Director of Intelligence in the Lebanese Army Colonel Antoine Mansour, Creative Artist Salim Assaf, The representative of the President of Al-Irfan Unification Foundation, Sheikh Hamza Al-Kukash, accompanied by Sheikh Rajeh Abdul-Khalek ,Mr. Marwan Abi Faraj, Vice President of Aley Municipality Mr. Samir Khoury, President of Beirut Marathon Association Mrs. May Al-Khalil, Director General of the Lebanese National Lottery Mr. Radwan Ghanem, Media Joe Al-Kareh, Sports Commissioner and Member of the Progressive Socialist Party Leadership Council Khodr Al Ghadban ,Aley Traders Association Mr. Samir Shehayeb. A large crowd of dignitaries, mayors, mukhtars, media professionals, and heads of associations and attended by more than 1,000 participants Jarir held its annual photography competition awards Green your screen in Aley Square Symposium 2001. 
The ceremony started with the Lebanese national anthem, while a plane from the open sky company led by Captain Majid Assaf was throwing eco-friendly leaflets and welcoming the audience over the ceremony square.
At the beginning of the speech, the CEO of the organizing company, Mr. Rayan Zeineddine, emphasized the importance of the competition in demonstrating the true beauty of Lebanon, thanking all participants and attendees.
A new song was released for the city of Aley signed by the artist Salim Assaf who praised his love for the city of Aley and its mayor, Mr. Wajdi Murad.
Then, the President of the Beirut Marathon Association, Mrs. May Al-Khalil, praised the efforts and activities of Jarir Company and invited everyone from the podium to participate in the 2019 Beirut Marathon.
In his speech on behalf of its chairman, Mr. Wajdi Murad, member of the Aley Municipal Council Nabil Ghorayeb praised the success of the ceremony, stressing the importance of the role played by the municipality in supporting cultural and artistic activities that aim at revitalizing the region in terms of tourism and economy.
For his part, a member of the jury of the competition Mr. Michel Osta gave a speech in which he outlined how the selection of images and the importance of the role of the competition in creating space for all amateurs and professionals to show their talent and contribute to the transfer of the beauty of their areas ...
In his speech, Mr. Omar Abo Ali, the coordinator of eco-tourism in the reserve, addressed the importance of the reserve, which was recently added to the green list, thanks to the president of the reserve, Mr. Walid Jumblatt, the vice president, the minister, Mr. Akram Shehayeb, in addition to the successful vision of the management of the reserve by its president Mr. Nizar Hani and stressed the importance of partnership between the reserve and Jarir in organizing the competition for the eighth consecutive year.
Then, as usual every year, the organizers took up a humanitarian issue and this year the message was addressed to the Lebanese Red Cross through the production of a short video showing Red Cross personnel in a mountain rescue operation showing the finer details of the operation.This video was presented to the Red Cross as a token of loyalty and appreciation for their sacrifices ...
The highlight of the ceremony was the production of a special video by the Ministry of Tourism under the title "There is nothing like Lebanon", which was filmed with high technology by the team of Jarir Company over a period of 15 days, where they traveled more than 2700 km illustrating more than 65 touristic and archaeological areas in Lebanon Compiled with high technology by the director Imad Halimi showing the beauty of the country of Cedars Lebanon and will be later in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism to publish this video on social networks and Lebanese stations, where it is considered unique in the region.
In conclusion, the prizes were distributed to the winners of the two categories of the competition:- The most beautiful picture of the nature of Lebanon came as follows:
Third place: Hussein Hammoud 
Location: Bekaa Valley - Taanayel
Second place: Majd Adib Noureddine
Location: Taanayel
First place: Hussein Riad Zarqat
Location: Zararia 
-Embodying traditional Lebanese professions in an image:
Third place: Elie Sassine 
Location: Wadi Shahrour
Second place: Jad Ayman Abi Ghannam
Location: Al Abadiya
First place: Abbas Salman
Location: Bekaa
The ceremony also featured several videos for Jarir Company and the competition. The artist Salim Assaf and the media Joe Al-Kareh were honored by the Municipality of Aley and Jarir Company.
The ceremony was presented by Miss Lara Abi Rafeh

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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