"Kamshet Dafa" launches its first activity
09 Sep 2018

"Kamshet Dafa" was launched in the presence of Deputy Akram Shehayeb, Mayor of Aley, Mr. Wajdi Murad, the media campaign organizer Khalil Merdas, a number of NGOs and charities, the head of "AL-Mottahed" Group Fadi Abdullah, Director of Public Relations and Development at the University of Balamand Suhail Matar, President of the Association of Friends and Graduates of the Lebanese University Hisham Ajeeb, and a host of social, media and cultural audience.
After the national anthem and the anthem of the city of Aley, a presentation by Municipal member Dr. Mona Akl followed by speeches by Khalil Merdas, social activist Nada Hamza, MP Akram Shehayeb, Aley mayor Wajdi Murad.

Mr. Akram Shehayeb also said that the campaign of "Kamshet Dafa" is a path to meet the welfare done by the Municipality of Aley, meeting with people of tender and neighboring societies and towns. He also said that we need a lot of people to come to emphasize: the spirit of responsibility, the spirit of help, and the spirit of brotherhood.

In his speech, the Mayor of Aley Mr. Wajdi Murad stressed that the municipality was and will continue to be the main supporter of charitable and non-governmental organizations, stressing that through social solidarity among the components of society, we can relieve the citizens of many social, living and life burdens.
Khalil Merdas thanked all those who contributed to the success of this campaign, hoping that the aid would reach every needy person and that a glimmer of hope would be planted in many needy hearts.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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