Naji Bo Hassan enters Guinness at the mechanical sports exhibition in Aley
24 Aug 2018

In the framework of festivals and activities hosted by the bride of resorts, Aley City hosts the first mechanical sports exhibition, an exhibition featuring super cars, ralley, drifting, motorcycles and ATV in the touristic street in the festival square area in the middle of the main road.
The exhibition features dedicated dining areas and leadership spaces.

Adventure lovers are promised on the last day, Sunday, August 26 at 6.30 pm, with a new event of its kind. Naji Bo Hassan will drive his car in a crazy manner in a circular way and then climb to the surface to practice yoga at the same time, seeking to score a record in the Guinness book (about 40 car-rims on the roof). Note that this event is the first of its kind and if Bo Hassan managed to exceed the figure determined by the supervisory body he is going to be the first to enter Guinness book in this sport.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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