The closing of the annual sports session of Aley and neighborhood schools
06 May 2017

The mayor of Aley Mr. Wajdi Murad sponsored the closing ceremony of the annual sports session of the Aley and neighborhood schools, in which more than 1,200 students from the region's schools participated to promote the sports culture.

The celebration was held at the city's sports stadium in the city of Aley, representative of the mayor of the city , Dr. Mona Akl and the members, representative of the Progressive Socialist Party in Aley Rabie Azzam and Obada Sleit, coordinator of the course Walid Halimi, school principals and activists and a large crowd of students.

After the national anthem and an introduction of the member of the "Forum of Civil Thought for Development" Zeina Joudieh, the Director of Maroun Aboud Secondary School, Dr. Sanaa Shehayeb, delivered the speech of the participating schools, she stressed, "The municipality of Aley has played this active role in the belief in the development of the city and at all levels, and we do not lose sight of its supportive role "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for what you have provided and to provide the high school of Aley with support for the outstanding students and with the maintenance of the building, and we promise that we will work together to promote the formal education because it is the official school that graduates generations. It is a combination of citizenship and not fanaticism. "

Shehayeb pointed out that "the Municipality of Aley encourages all sports activities and Scouts because of the importance of sport in stimulating positive energy, since it is the best way to build social relations with others." "The importance of having qualified stadiums for all sports in Aley, especially the investment of sports city to host the world championships," she concluded.

Dr. Akl

"At the beginning, let me thank those who believe that sport is a social behavior and a symbol of love and belonging. We gathered today at the ceremony. On behalf of Mr. Wajdi Murad and members of the Municipal Council of Aley, I thank the principals of the public and private schools in the city. And the administrative and educational bodies and sports teachers who contributed not only to the success of this session, but because they showed their readiness to cooperate with us to organize the sport for the next year.

She stressed that the municipality "is fully prepared to contribute and assist in any activity, whether sports, tourism or development, in order to move forward in the progress of this city, the city of culture and creativity and the bride of the resorts of Aley."

She thanked "all those who contributed and helped in the success of this activity because sport is the guide for the advancement of people".

Then the "Happy Children's Association for Special Needs" was honored for its participation in the session, and then the cups and medals were distributed to the winners in the first three ranks.

The results were as follows:
7-9 years: Bahaa Salloum, Carla Abdel Khalik.
10-12: Ryan Khadaj and Rana Beaini.
13-15: Dany Zebian and Rokaya AL-Daher.
16 - 18: Osama Abu Fakhr al-Din and Bushra al-Halabi.

Race 1500 meters:
7-9: Melhem Al-Daher and Sameh Khoies.
10-12: Louay Zeitouni and Nancy Abu Faraj.
13-15: Daniel Zaidan Rokaya Al-Shaer.
16-18: Muhammad Tabiaa and Iman Dashan.

800m race:
7-9: Melhem El Saher and Khaled Jumblatt.
10-12: Danny Hindawi and Sanaa Yaghi.
13-15: Danny Zaidan and Rokaya Al-Dahir.
16-18: Constantine Rizk and tears of Sibai.

400 meters race:
7-9: Jad Sayegh and Sarah Abdul Khalik.
10-12: Danny Andari, and Hannah Betaddini.
13-15: Daniel Zaidane and Rokaya Al-Daher.
16 - 18: Fouad Al-Betadini and Anji Najao.

Race 100 meters:
7-9: Hassan al-Qudsi and Farah Shehayeb.
10-12: Danny Ismail and Perla Jaber.
13 - 15: Hossam Dughaili and Rokaya Al-Daher.
16 - 18: Mustafa Mohsen and Joud Al- Fakih.

And the the best athlete was Rawad Jaber from the Future Generation School and Rokaya Al-Dahir from Khalid Jumblatt School.

Khalid Jumblatt and Rawisat Al-BAllout schools were the first in the number of medals. Raed Raouf Jaber from the Future Generation School won the title of best athlete at the tournament.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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