A dinner in Aley to support students of the Lebanese University
07 Aug 2018

In cooperation with the Association of Friends and Graduates of the Lebanese University in Aley, the Women's Mountain Charity Association, under the patronage of the Mayor of Aley, Wajdi Murad, organized the annual dinner, which was paid to support the scholarships of the students at the Lebanese University. The Representative of the President of the "Democratic Gathering", MP Teymour Jumblatt, the Education Commissioner of the Progressive Socialist Party, Samir Khaled Najm, Dr. Janan Shaaban,representative of Minister Marwan Hamadeh,  the representative of the Minister of Culture Dr. Amin Farshoukh, the Deputy Akram Shehayeb who was represented by his wife Salma Shehayeb, Army Chief of Staff General Hatem Malak represented by  the Military Attaché in Turkey Colonel Walid Shayya, Head of Financial Inspection in Lebanon Wael Khaddaj, General Manager of Consumer Markets in Lebanon Ziyad Shayya attended the annual dinner in the cultural center of the Municipality of Aley.

The national anthem and the introduction of Zakaria Fahim, and the President of the Women's Mountain Charity Association Ikhlas Al Gharbi, which she said: "We meet today with the generous patronage of Professor Wajdi Murad, who was and still a specimen , the intention, and at the same time esctasy of science students and their will."

The head of the League of Friends and Graduates of the Lebanese University in Aley, Dr. Hisham Ajib , said: "Everyone has to see and hear where the  graduates of the Lebanese University are and what are their positions and their abilities, which they reaped with their effort and enriched them with their expertise and achieved them with their stalemate, armed with patience and adherence to the truth and believing that their refuge and salvation is You our beloved homeland Lebanon. "

And Dr. Mona Akel followed by the word of Mr. Wajdi Murad, "The students of the Lebanese University, the National University of Excellence, the heart of higher education in Lebanon, are the hope of this country. And we support all who wish the best to our homeland, where we were and still dreaming of it and hope it will be achieved by them.

The director of the Aley branch at the Lebanese University, Dr. Zawqan Al-Jaramani, gave a speech on behalf of the university's branches in the mountain. He said: "Without civil society, associations and philanthropists like you, the road would have been much more difficult. The branches of the mountain in the Lebanese University, the branch of the Faculty of Arts in Deir Al-Qamar and the health in Ain W Zein, and the Technology College in Abey, each formed a revolution in the way of development of the regions, and everyone knows that the mountain area is one of the deprived areas and needs a lot of development projects ".

"The only way to advance our society is science, for which science is not only the property of the individual, it belongs to all, and this is only our way to survive," he said.

After that, appreciation shields were presented.


Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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