Welcoming a delegation from the French organization OCED within the framework of the program of partnership and cooperation between the Municipality of Aley and donor organizations
10 Jul 2019

In the framework of the partnership and cooperation program between the Municipality of Aley and donor organizations, which aims to promote and study different development projects.

The municipality of Aley received a delegation from the French organization OECD including :
- Mr. Alain Dupayras
Head of the Regional Development and Tourism Section of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
- Mr. Carlos Conde "Carlos Conde"
Head of Middle East and Africa Relations, OECD.
- Dr. Anis Abu Diab, coordinator of tourism development.
In order to discuss ways of cooperation between them in relation to development projects in several sectors.

They were welcomed in the Municipality of Aley by some members of the municipal council and municipal administrative staff, representatives of school associations and directors

Dr. Mona Akel, member of the administrative board of  "Farah" Foundation and a member of the municipal council, welcomed the visiting delegation and conveyed the greetings of the Mayor, Mr. Wajdi Murad, who was unable to attend due to travel.
Then, stressed the importance of this visit and communication and coordination with the Municipality of Aley
and presented a summary of the role of the Municipality in supporting programs and projects in various sectors, expressing the readiness of the Municipality to cooperate with the guest delegation in this context and the development and study of different development projects in all sectors.

Mr. Nicolas Haddad, a member of the municipal council, gave an overview of the city which includes about 100,000 poplulation , is considered the center of the judiciary, consists of 67 towns and he completed an explanation on all cultural, artistic, educational, social and environmental sectors, stressing the need to strengthen the health sector and the urgent need to the establishment of a public hospital, the development of Al-Iman Hospital and the Watani Hospital, and the attention to the health centers in Aley (Health Center in the Druze Women's Association and the Primary Care Center) .He also referred to the educational and cultural tourism development projects carried out by the Municipality during the previous period, especially with regard to the tourism sector. 

He spoke about his vision for future projects and the extent to which they meet the needs of the society in all its sectors. He appreciated the visit of the delegation and its interest in enhancing joint cooperation through the implementation of development projects.

During the meeting, representatives of NGOs reviewed the humanitarian, environmental, social and cultural goals for their associations.

The Technical Advisor of the Druze Women's Association, Ramy Mrad Radwan, spoke on behalf of the Association's President, Mrs. Camelia Halimi Ballan, about the goals of the society, reviewing the activities and health services carried out by the Aley Social Health Center and its ability to absorb large numbers of patients that exceed 700 patients per month, thanking the efforts of the medical team and administrative center.
He also thanked the Municipality of Aley and MDM Médecin du Monde, who have always worked to assist the Association in implementing its various projects by providing all necessary facilities, as well as providing financial support to the Center for the development of health work and support the project to expand and equip the Center.
He also noted the joint cooperation with the Lebanese and International Red Cross.

Mr. Tarek Al-Timani, Head of the Development Office in Aley Region, gave an overview of the activities and services provided by Al-Farah Social Foundation.

Mr. Zaher Radwan explained in detail about the activities of Green Peace Association and presented the Committee with a handbook that outlines the future project map.

At the end of the visit, the delegation thanked the Municipality of Aley and expressed its readiness to cooperate between the French organization and the Municipality of Aley in its future projects.

After the meeting, the visiting delegation went to Aley Social Health Center in the Druze Women's Association for a closer look at the Center's activities and the mechanism of cooperation and coordination among them. He completed his exploratory tour to the Druze primary care center. 

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Wajdi Mrad

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