Opening of the 7th art exhibition
07 Jul 2017

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and in cooperation with the Municipality of Aley, the 7th Art Exhibition was inaugurated , organized by Ghenwa Radwan, in the presence of Dr. Nizar Al-Dhaher, representing the Minister of Culture Ghattas Khoury, Wael Shehayeb,representing the Minister of Agriculture Akram Shehayeb, the Mayor of Aley Wajdi Murad, and a social,cultural and artistic crowd.

The participants took part in the exhibition, which was held on the historic stairs of Al-Piscine Street in Aley, which is decorated with colors of joy, creative oil paintings and portraiture. Arab artists from Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Kuwait and foreigners from America and European countries and with the participation of Lebanese expatriates.

It is worth mentioning that the opening of the exhibition was the signing of two books, one by researcher Joseph Najm al-Hwayek, entitled "Patriarch Mar Elias Boutros Al-Hwayek - Witnesses and Martyrs" and the second by Dr. Nabil Abu Murad entitled "Mousa Zogheib - the path of renewal and development in the Lebanese Zajal." Note that Saturday will be a day dedicated to drawing open to the talents of professional artists and new talents and drawing enthusiasts who will implement the paintings directly in front of the audience.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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