Opening of the annual conference of municipalities affiliated with the Local Cities Organization
26 Sep 2017

The Annual Conference of Municipalities and the Lebanese Municipal Associations affiliated with the United Cities and Local Governments Organization in Lebanon, entitled "Partnership between Municipalities and the Private Sector Opportunities and Challenges", was held at the Golden Lili Resort - Aley Abadiya in the presence of MP Fadi Haber, Salma Chehayeb representative of the MP Akram Shehayeb, General Controller of the Council of the South, Yasser Zebian, Dr. Bashir Adeyemi representing cities and local governments of the United Organization, the Technical Office of the Lebanese municipalities director of the mayor of Aley and  conference host Wajdi Murad, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab Towns Organization Ghassan Samman, and political and social authorities an a crowd people.

In addition, about 70 local councilors and municipalities participated in the meeting of the Association of Local Cities and Local Governments in Lebanon, the President of the Aley Traders Association Samir Shehayeb, the members of the Aley Municipal Council, the Advisor to the Cities Organization and the President of Al-Manar University, former Minister Sami Menqara, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Privatization Dr. Ziad Hayek And representatives from the private sector.


"The theme of our conference today is" Partnership between Municipalities and the Private Sector, Opportunities and Challenges ". Through this meeting, we will be introducing on the current municipal law regarding partnership with the private sector. And we will have interviews with many head of municipalities whom have had experience in this regard to inform you of their experience and the warnings that we should avoid.

He pointed out that "the technical office of the Lebanese municipalities is preparing for the end of the year for the following projects:

Technical visit to Paris (9-10 October) to participate in the 7th Global Forum of United French Cities.
 A three-day workshop (23, 24 and 25 October) with the German Development Agency with ten Lebanese municipalities on local economic development.
Technical visit to the south of France and Paris (20-24 November) with the Ministry of Environment on the subject of waste and modern methods of treatment, as well as the subject of sanitation.
 The final conference (9 November) for the youth project implemented with the Union of Municipalities of the Sahel in cooperation with the province of Barcelona and the municipalities of Granuiris and Terassa and Spanish Sabadil.
 The Municipal Police Training Project (6 December) was launched in cooperation with Al Jadida Municipality, Jbeil, the Union of Municipalities of Tyre and the Union of Municipalities of Jezzine and in partnership with the Municipality of Niece and the Provence Region of Cote d'Azur.
 Launch of the municipal police training project for Zouk Mikael Municipality.
 Conference of the World Council of the Organization to be held in China on the first of December .
 Launch of the Municipal Training Project (January 2018) on Civil Engineering in collaboration with the National Institute of Arts and Crafts in Paris.
He concluded: "This project is aimed at municipal employees and municipal unions (engineers or administrators) or contractors with municipalities. It includes 50 training days in Lebanon distributed throughout the year. The trainee will then receive a" certificate of efficiency "from the CNAM, .


The Mayor of Aley addressed the municipalities and the heads of municipalities participating in the conference. He said: "The challenge is to be the representatives of municipalities on this level of responsibility, and to surround ourselves with experts and legal experts who are able to address the private sector and its approach. Moroccan, French and other experiences, where we saw the failure of these partnerships, whether in the formulation or management or financial return that was expected, this is what we do not want, and this is what motivates us today to listen to the concerned legal and administrative to explain to us the benefits and prohibitions of this The new law ".

"We will conclude our conference today with the election of a new committee of mayors and municipal federations affiliated to the United Cities and Local Government Organization and the municipality of Aley to be a member of this committee. This is a great honor for us and we wish your support. We will also elect the municipalities that will represent us in the World Council and in the Executive Office of the Organization, so that Lebanon will have a permanent and active presence in international and municipal forums. "

Afterwards, the proceedings of the Conference and the meetings were held.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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