Aley Expo 2017
29 Jul 2017

The Aley Trade Association opened a 2017 industrial and tourism trade fair at a ceremony held on the main street of the entrance to the city of Aley, under the patronage of Teymour Walid Jumblatt, represented by Deputy Akram Shehayeb.

The opening ceremony was attended by MPs Henri Helou and Fadi Haber, Mayor of Aley Wajdi Murad, President of the Mount Lebanon Trade Association Nassib Gemayel, President of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists Fadi Gemayel, President of Aley Trade Association Samir Shehayeb, Princess Hayat Arslan, Heads of Municipalities and Political, Associations and a crowd of attendees.

After the national anthem and the definition of Ghada Ballout Zaytoun, the President of the Aley Traders Association delivered a speech saying: "Today we meet not just a date, but a common will, the will to work hard and to maintain the minimum elements of steadfastness against the wind blowing from every mile. And today, we have to move forward in light of the decline in all sectors. The overall growth rate in Lebanon has not reached 2%, since it was 6-7% before the crisis.

The commercial, industrial and tourism sectors, are reeling because of the political and regional circumstances that surround us. Moreover, the new taxes paid by the poor class, rather the rationalization of expenditures and the cessation of waste and corruption. "

As for our meeting today, and in order to support and develop all the commercial, industrial, tourist and cultural activities in Aley, and in order to support and stimulate the economic wheel, we launch today, in partnership with the Municipality of Aley,Aley Expo where we seek to become in the next few years an international exhibition on the map of major exhibitions in Lebanon. This ambition will be achieved in solidarity with our ministers, deputies and the municipality of Aley. "

The Mayor of Aley said: "I want to talk about the municipal work and take this opportunity to pay tribute to all the mayors of Lebanon and the members of the municipal councils because they are running and working for the welfare of the citizens because they are in the ministries and on the roads also for the welfare of the citizens. They have not heard any constructive criticism from anyone who puts it in their heart to organize things. If they are not constructive, they do not listen to anyone because the mayors know what they are doing. "
"The land where the exhibition is held was consumed by the municipality and its area is 5800 meters with a value of one billion and seven hundred million lira. He said: "The municipality was able to acquire eleven properties with the municipality's money, and we also paid 450 million pounds for the price of asphalt and put them in the small streets in the city of Aley so that people are comfortable to their homes. The municipal work starts from dawn and ends at dawn, and daily, and this land is dedicated to car parks and the neighboring land will be a public park for the presence of trees, and we are also planting new trees worth about sixty million pounds.

He pointed to the issue of waste, pointing out that "it is not the work of the municipality, but when the workers in Suklin throw the issue on the municipalities,  there are three landfills in Lebanon, every village and town becomes contaminated with waste, polluted water and distorted landscape.

"After our many festivals in Aley and if there are no solutions to the waste issue, our plan is as follows: We will transfer the vehicles at the junction of the Highland Hotel on the international road. We will throw all the waste on the international road and cut it to waste. Solve them before they escalate, especially that there is no plan proposed by the state to end this problem. "

On the issue of water, Murad stressed that "it is not the role of the municipality in this issue and despite that ,all the efforts being exerted by the municipality which dug a well and handed it over to the Ministry of Energy which prepared it to deliver the water to the houses. UNDP is preparing it for drinking water. "

Murad pointed out that "the circular line of the city of Aley, which reaches from Aley to Ain Remaneh road in the district of Aley, has reached the work in this road near the sports city in Aley." "Akram Shehayeb assured me that he met with the Minister of Works in this regard and will monitor funds to complete this vital road for all the residents of the West Aley region, which will ease the traffic congestion in the city of Aley and this new area opened and buildings will be on the European system."

He pointed out that "the end of the work at the Tanios Hotel will be positive for each district, particularly in the tourist issue."

Marwan Kheireddine delivered a speech in which he said: "I am honored to be among you today. We celebrate together the opening of Aley Expo, the promising project which we hope will return to the city of Aley its leading role in Lebanon, the stage which has always played in the recent past in tourism, industry, trade and development. A leading role in the national economy, especially the availability of all components of production and natural resources and an educated worker is qualified to complete its tasks professionally. In addition, Aley has a number of banks willing to provide financing for any promising project with the potential to succeed, especially as there are several loans supported by the Banque du Liban, enabling such projects to benefit from reduced benefits and long-term financing. "

"Al-Mawarid Bank is prepared to study any request it responds positively, whether it is a request for funding or an investment request through Circular 331, as part of the Bank's policy of securing the highest percentage of funding required for all private companies in the city of Aley and the neighborhood."


Then Deputy Akram Shahib delivered the speech of the celebrator and began by emphasizing the words that Murad said "because the suffering of this region is a pain of the country and this pain in its place and real."
He said, "We confirm that Aley is clean despite all the problems. reetings to the team in the municipality to perform its duties in front of the people of Aley and its inhabitants. "

"Let me begin by telling you that despite the difficulties, your work carries a glimmer of hope and a white mark with the ability and ambition of young people, whether in the mountain or in all of Lebanon, to adhere to the will of the people, Joy and creativity and ambition in production and giving.
This exhibition, which opens today, is a picture and a model of this ambition and giving.
Your presence today in Aley confirms that life force is stronger than all crises, obstacles and difficulties.

We are confident that we are all capable of overcoming all obstacles to the course of the state's work, which we hope will be achieved after the adoption of the series, and by approving the long-awaited budget, to achieve progress, development and advancement of this country. And most importantly, to benefit from the atmosphere in the country to achieve a qualitative leap in the economy and development and public finance, the political differences were and will remain, Let us leave these differences from the economic sector and maintain institutions for a more stable and developed future.

He added: " to deliver the speech of the celebrator, Professor Teymour Walid Jumblatt, who conveys to you his greetings and pride and his apology for his presence outside the country, only to paint the true image of this young Lebanese who are carrying and obsessed with securing job opportunities and opportunities for  decent life for a generation looking forward to a better tomorrow and homeland. Stable and fair and dignified.
The main thing is to stop the waste of state institutions and facilities. This is through approving the budget so that every minister will not be distracted, holding public deals exclusively through the tenders department, and other steps to move forward with real reform that fights corruption and strengthens Development and growth that provides young people with jobs, improves living standards and brings about changes for the better in the various economic and social sectors. "

"I would like to welcome you to the city of Aley in support of every production and creativity. Thank you to those who have gathered: the Aley Trade Association, and the Municipality of Aley, which has not given up on giving, encouraging and embracing any innovative youth productivity initiative. "

After that, Shehayeb, Khairuddin, the deputies, Murad cut the opening bar of the exhibition and toured its sections.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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