Live Lebanon – UNDP Goodwill Ambassador inaugurate the Maroun Abboud Public High School Rehabilitation Project in Aley
22 Sep 2016

The UNDP Live Lebanon initiative, the Municipality of Aley, and the Maroun Abboud High School inaugurated the rehabilitation of Maroun Abboud Public High School project in a celebration that was held at the school in the presence of Live Lebanon Ambassador of Goodwill Mrs. Saada Al Assaad Fakhri, Social and Local Development Programme Manager Dr. Raghed Assi, the Head of the Municipality Mr. Wajdi Mourad, and stakeholders from the area. 

The project responds to the request of the school’s administration represented by Mrs. Sana Chehayeb who shed light on the bad status of the building and its infrastructure which negatively affects the health of the students. After the priorities were identified, Live Lebanon, with the support of Mrs. Fakhri, implemented the overall maintenance of the roof of the building, paving it according to the highest standards in rain water isolation, in addition to a full rehabilitation of the washrooms including the infrastructure, paint, tiling, and other necessities. 

After the national anthem, the students performed a dance followed by a word from Mrs. Chehayb, who spoke of the importance of the project and its impact on the life of the students: “Through UNDP Live Lebanon, and the generosity of Mrs. Fakhri, we were able to provide a healthy and clean environment that conforms with health conditions and the highest standards in modern buildings.” 

Mr. Mourad welcomed the attendees and thanked the Goodwill Ambassador for her generous contribution, which he said covered very urgent needs. He emphasized on the role that Live Lebanon plays in supporting the youth, and thanked Mr. Assi for including Aley in their efforts. He added that the support to the high school will continue, and promised support for all the schools in Aley. 

Mr. Assi commended the role of expats in supporting Lebanon through this initiative which includes development projects all over the country far from any discrimination. He thanked Mrs. Fakhri for her invaluable contribution to the project in Aley. 

“I am overwhelmed with happiness standing here with you at the beginning of the school year as we celebrate the rehabilitation of this great educational establishment; the Maroun Abboud public High School. Aley is The Destination for great summer resorts that stands proudly with its honorable residents and has always been a model for authenticity, patriotism and co-existence,” Mrs. Fakhri said. 

“Since UNDP honored me with the title of Goodwill Ambassador in Ghana through Live Lebanon which was launched in 2009 through coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Directorate for Expats, I sought to fulfill the responsibilities laid on my shoulders. The first project that I adopted was the new water network for the Ain el Tineh village in the North of Lebanon, which provided clean water for the residents who suffered from the lack of this simple service for the longest time. Through the same developmental, vital, and humanitarian spirit, the goal has been to implement projects that support the community and its progress far from any discrimination and politics.” 

“When I visited the high school for the first time, I was surprised with how huge the building was, how big the rooms were and how organized. I was also not so happily surprised with the status of the dilapidated sanitary and the upper story that suffered from humidity, leaking rainwater and cracks in the walls. I was truly moved by the buckets placed between the seats of students to collect rain drops seeping over these youngsters. The achievement we did this year may be modest in size, however, it is great in its meaning and noble goals. Health and hygiene of the surrounding environment are basic issues that help the youth grow up to be healthy individual that can interact and persevere in order to succeed and excel with ease. The youth have a right for warmth, comfort, and reassurance about their present and future, it is our duty to provide them with these rights,” she added. 

“I would like to thank the Municipality of Aley and Mr. Wajdi Mourad for the encouragement and for adopting all the developmental and vital projects in the area. I would like to also thank Mrs. Sana Chehayb who followed up with the project with great interest. My deepest appreciation to her. I want to thank Mr. Assi, for his continuous cooperation and interest in the projects implemented by Live Lebanon. I want to also thank Mrs. Hanine Faqih for her great positive energy, who followed up with her team all the phases of the project and pushed for its implementation within the set deadline,” she concluded. 

In conclusion, Mr. Mourad offered Dr. Raghed an honorary shield, Mrs. Chehayb offered Mrs. Fakhri one as well. A banner with the name of the project was unveiled. The inauguration was concluded by a visit to the high school building. 

Live Lebanon aims at encourage Lebanese expats to contribute in funding development projects in the areas most in need in Lebanon. For contributions please visit www.livelebanon.org and "Live Lebanon” application on smartphones So far the initiative has implemented 55 projects in different areas in the North, South, Bekaa, Beirut, and Mount Lebanon.

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