The Ambassador of Japan visited the Municipality of Aley and the Symposium
04 Jul 2016

The Ambassador of Japan, Seichi Otsuka, visited the Municipality of Aley in the city's Saraya. The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Aley Mr. Wajdi Murad in his office in the presence of members of the Municipal Council.

After the meeting, the ambassador and the mayor exchanged two symbolic gifts.

Murad said: "The objective of the visit of the Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Otsuka is a visit to acquaintances and not to know the city, he knows it since 1977, where he lived in the town of Shemlan and was always visiting the city of Aley and talked how he used to be relaxed in its atmosphere. He also visited the animal encounter center. "

"Ambassador Otsuka was more of a listener than a speaker, he asked about the future projects of the municipality and he was understanding  the suggenstions we talked about," Murad said.

"The Japanese Ambassador referred to the donations and assistance to the city of Dekwani and other places, especially to help the dispensaries so that they provided some radiographic imaging, and took note of our aspirations for future projects, and we are optimistic about the assistance of the associations and the hospital. He heard from a number of members of the municipal council about the future projects, especially the parking lot at the round point of Aley, on a property of 560 square meters, in addition to the most important topic ,the ring road, which connects the international road in Aley, It reduces the traffic in the city and most important in this project, upon completion, to stop trucks crossing from the city to other towns. "

"We visited the embassy in 2001 and as a result they presented us with a sculpture of the Japanese sculptor Satiro Tasatu, which is found in the Symposium, and we also visited the embassy in a ceremony honoring two distinguished students from Aley who completed a doctoral study in Japan. "

After that, Ambassador Otsuka visited the touristic places in Aley, especially at the Symposium site in Ras Al Jabal, and was acquainted with the works of art and sculpture.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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