Municipal monitoring of generator counters
13 Feb 2018

This morning, a meeting was held in the municipality of Aley which included the president and members of the municipal council and generators owners operating within the city.

After explaining the problem resulting from conflicting powers and circulars issued by the Ministry of Energy in terms of municipal monitoring of generator counters, which led to the annoyance and discontent of the participants after the municipality stopped issuing the price in the past months in implementation of the circulars of the Ministry of Energy and after reviewing the latest circular, The municipality should return to monitoring the counters as usual and issue a statement of the price of each generator according to the hours of its rotation and the implementation of a violation of the law against the violators as required by law.

This has received the satisfaction and cooperation of the owners of generators to serve the public interest.
Accordingly, we ask our dear people from next month on March 1 to request the Municipality's price from the collector before paying the bill and informing the Municipality of any violation so that legal action takes place.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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