Seminar entitled "The Neglected Talents and We Are All Responsible"
15 Mar 2019

Under the patronage of the Municipality of Aley, the Lebanese Association for Rehabilitation and Development, in coordination with the Intellectual Civil Forum, presented a seminar entitled "The Neglected Talents and We Are All Responsible" on Friday 15/3/2019 at the Aley Municipal Cultural Center.

After the national anthem, Dr. Mona Akel, a member of the Municipality of Aley, representative of Aley mayor, Mr. Wajdi Murad, welcomed the audience and explained the goal of establishing the cultural center of the municipality of Aley, which will host all the cultural and educational activities in the center. A member of the Municipal Council, Mr. Fadi Chehayeb, who explained in turn the importance of these seminars, including his first seminar, entitled "Negative thought and positive thinking" and its impact on the cells of the body and the resulting pathological results. The second one was about musical rebirth and its negative effects on children.

Then  Dr. Huda Husseini Bibi explained about the gifted program and the mission of the educator in their discovery, she said: "Talent is defined as the wonderful ability that makes the child in the performance of an activity , it shows his excellence performance in this field and make him own alone many characteristics and attributes not likely to be possessed by others, Academic - Creative - Leadership - and performing arts in various fields such as painting, poetry and music.

Professor Hamzah Shehayeb then explained the characteristics and needs of talented gifted students: "A man who is mentally superior is performing in a higher level than ordinary people around him in a range of fields.

This was followed by a speech by Ms. Amal Aridi, who spoke about the role of the school in supporting talented people and how to deal with them.
In conclusion, the subject was discussed with the audience.

Who owns history has the future

Wajdi Mrad

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